2020 Epson Pano Awards: Top 50 on Built/environment - Architecture Category

2020 I.P.A. International Photography Awards U.S.A.: 4 Honour mentions on Category: Various.
2019 I.P.A. International Photography Awards U.S.A: 4 Honour mentions on . Category: Fine art Landscapes. 
2017 I.P.A. International Photography Awards Spain: 2nd place on Category: Architecture - Urban Landscapes. 


LEMAG. Long Exposure Magazine October 2020
Fine Eye Magazine October 2020
Photo Weekly Nº 112 04/2020
Fine Eye Magazine December 2019
Fine Eye Magazine October 2019
Fine Eye Magazine August 2019
Photopills Awards 2018 Legado
DNG Photo Magazine Nª 166 June 2020
DNG Photo Magazine Nª 145 September 2018
DNG Photo Magazine Nª 134 October 2017
DNG Photo Magazine Nª 132 August 2017
Article on "The beauty of Spanish Coast"
Article on "Descubre la magia del amanecer y atardecer reflejadas en las fotografías de Anto Camacho"

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